What do you take to relieve pain during an attack of gout?

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Gout is caused by acid in your blood system. If your blood is acidic it is unable to do it's job of removing acidic wastes from the body, therefore causing problems. To remove the all the wastes, the body must be slightly alkaline. Therefore you must eat alkaline foods and drink alkaline water such ...

Answered: Balls with bumps for back pain

This is frustrating because it is not a question and it has no detail of what is wanted. Balls are very effective tools for dealing with back pain and I use a variety of them in my practice. ask a specific question and I will be happy to answer it.

Answered: What causes gout and how can it be prevented?

Gout is caused by a build-up or uric acid. Cherries are the best gout home remedy. Many people have had great success preventing gout by eating cherries or cherry extract on a daily basis.

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Whether You have Gout or muscle imbalance that causes joint or joint capsule pain Would have to be differentiated by palpation of the area and blood tests. Medical doctors are good at blood tests but most have very limited experience at palpation. I can tell you that an arthrose is a joint and an ...

Answered: Is it safe to take Motrin 600 mg and Tramadol Hcl 50mg at the same time

Thank you for responding to my question. I did however, call the pharmacist to get an answer. I don't normally use the internet to get answers to such a question, but was on my computer and decided to see if I could get information from a medical site. Again, thanks for your concern regarding ...

Answered: Gout

We had patients with Gout.After 10 days of mofette treatments,they start improuving.Consult your Doctor to see his opinion.
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Symptoms of Gout are as follow: Gout mostly present in metatarsal-phalangeal joint of the big toe. In its symptoms the skin got red. And along with this symptom this cuase to other joints too. Pain start for 2-4 hours in night due to low body temperature. In spite of it sometimes fatigue and high ...

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If it is a neck strain, ice right away (and any time it gets worse), then heat the next day can help. Massage will help neck strain . Otherwise pain medications or visiting a doctor is the way to go.

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i think you can relieve your knee pain by consulting your doctor first on what to do with the kneep pain. He might help you on what kind of medecine to recommend.

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