what do you feel an administrative assistant's role is in an organization or department?

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Answered: Medical assistants are in demand everywhere from ...

There might be some certifications that are still needed for you be able to enter the military as a medical assistant. You need to have something in your medical assistant job description that they will deem useful.

Answered: Is life about sharing intimate moments that have a neutered feeling when

I know someone that is like this and they make me feel awful. -> This Chronically miserable idiots who do nothing but bitch and moan about every little thing do not have "pleasureful feelings" because they do not allow themselves to. <- is the only legitimate part of that sentence. It's true. These ...

Answered: What is the difference between an executive assistant and an

Executive assistants are the ones that help corporate officials, usually by providing a combination of professional advice and administrative support while Administrative assistants performs clerical and organizational tasks. They are also the ones responsible in organizing files, draft messages ...

Answered: What is the most sentimental thing anybody has ever done for you?

One of my friend supported me for something which everyone was against me for ...
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This probably never crossed your mind, but perhaps you should ask someone affiliated with the particular PSO you are referring to. Since you conveniently left that information out of your question it is impossible for us to even Google the correct answer since every organization has it's own ...

Medical assistance emergency

Medical assistants can also be assigned in emergency room. What does a medical assistant do in the ER is to take the vital signs or the patient and do initial assessment.

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