what do you do when you splash colorx on material?

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Answered: Material

Please be specific: material refers to any product or raw item. Rock is material if you are making concrete. Americium is material if you are denaturing Plutonium for use in a power reactor. Most of the high temperature materials I deal with are crystalline materials, like crystalline Zirconium ...

Answered: Is vinyl a better material than polyurethyane

Appliation, cost, and environment dictate the selection of materials. Please make your question a bit more specific.

Answered: What is noose material

I keep thinking that decent coffee down here would be an anomaly. Once I spilled a cup of the sludge they serve here on the rock and it nearly started an earthquake! Of course, by the same token, when Scots unceremoniously dump Hagises into the water, sharks take a sniff, turn green, splash the ...

Answered: Tried to help and got a spit in the face.

THE LEFTIST MUSLIM ATHEIST POSTER IS STILL POSTING UNDER HIS ALIAS BROTHER B. AND NOW HAS SWITCHED OVER TO HIS ALIAS ANNE S.----The leftist Muslim Atheist poster, you started posting around 1 pm EST under your alias The little Tramp. He has poster for over 3 hours. You immediately followed that with ...

Answered: What are these materials??

Blue foam is a urethane product used to insulate slab foundations from the earth. Manufacturers can extrude it any thickness, color, or density desired.

Answered: What sort of materials are appropriate to use when making a prom

Your search for the perfect prom dress can be a frustrating process. You want a spectacular gown -in just the right color - that no one else has, but you don't want to have to spend a fortune to get it. Why not make your own prom dress ? Even if you've never sewn a stitch before, you can easily ...
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What is the equivalent material standard in ...

well,the <a href="http://www.e-standard.org/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=123"> BSI standards </a> actually is the same as most of the European standard,it is normally different with <a href="http://www.e-standard.org/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=120"> ANSI standards </a>,most of the <a href= ...

What materials are used to make Luvs diapers?

I think they are made of wood cellulose fiber (a fluffy paper-like material ) but i am not 100% sure

What materials are used to make Pampers diapers?

I used to be a truck driver and I made several deliveries to Kimberly Clark. They use recycled paper in making their diapers.

Material number in JIS

Not my subject, but for those mystified by this enigmatic posting I think it is asking:- With reference to Structural Steel grade St 52-3, material number 1.0570 – S355J2G3S what is the Japanese Industrial Standard equivalent? I imagine that there are books/CD-ROMs that give the equivalents ...