what do you do if your car doesn't pass smog test?

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Answered: Dont want my 89 thunderbird to pass smog

haha okay, but still i have to have it tested to prove it wont pass, so i can retire it.

Answered: Where to find a gold shield smog test

Perhaps this site will answer your question: www.ocautoservice.com/smogmain.asp If not, just do a search for "Gold Shield smog test" stations in your area; that should do it!

Answered: How to pass CA SMOG TEST?

Your car may need a tuneup to pass a smog test. New spark plugs help, and maybe new plug wires. Older cars may need a carburetor adjustment; you may need replacement points, a new distributor rotor. If your car has black smoke from burning oil, it might need a ring and valve job to pass. White ...

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Answered: How to pass a drug test

Congratulations on passing. Please consider quitting illegal drugs completely, won't you? You don't want to run up against a situation like this again - what if next time they insisted on a hair follicle test? Hair holds drug residue FAR longer - so it will test positive longer than the time it ...
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