what do you call the man who runs the circus?

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Answered: Local man home raided for narcotics on Dec.15, 2014.

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Answered: Reason for running man on my mail

Thanks for info re Running man logo. Twincities

Answered: 1870 death of circus performer in Madagascar. How to find death

Some things will never be found, and you just have someones word for it that it happened there. Records are destroyed by flood and fire all the time but records out of the country are even worse, and some places never kept at all but for the church. Sorry to say but this would be a miracle if you ...

Answered: What windows addition am I running

If it is a new computer, it is probably Windows 8. Control Panel, System would tell you if it is Windows 7 or Windows Vista. On Windows 8, you may not be able to find the Control Panel. AOL System Information would also tell you which Windows edition you are running.

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Circus ringmaster

Yes a woman can be a ringmaster for a circus. Ringling Brothers School would be the place to go and get trained.

What are a band of circus performers called

Actually the musicians would be called Windjammers but the whole "band" of people to include musicians, animal trainers, clowns, stunt artists such as trapeze performers etc... would be called a Troupe. For more on this you can go to: http://www.allaboutclowns.com/circus.html

What is the best source for a pictorial history of the circus?

try this web site....it is one of the best...http://bucklesw.blogspot.com/ Buckles Blog. This site is for the discussion of Circus History all over the world.