what do you call someone who can`t turn pancakes?

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Answered: How do you turn on cookies on a compputer

Start - Control Panel - Internet Options - Security Tab - I would Select - Reset all zones to Default Level ----------- Next Privacy Tab - Setting - Medium. It's your choice of how strict you want your settings. -------------- For Internet Explorer you can also go to Tools at the top if you have ...

Answered: Blueberry pancake mix?

Just buy Jiffy Blueberry Muffin Mix. Directions on box to make pancakes.

Answered: What are some different variations on pancakes? I ...

Hi, I have a recipe for a homemade pancake on my website that I call B & B Puffed Apple Pancake. Please enjoy this recipe and discover other apple pancake variations. Our site is devoted strictly to apple recipes, so I hope you'll look around at others while you're there. Best wishes, Penny ...

Answered: What's your weirdest pancake recipe?

weird? here, http://www.food.com/recipe/peters-weird-but-addictive-railroader-pancakes-303020 :p

Answered: Extra light pancakes

This is not your exact answer, but pancakes were a Sunday tradition a long time ago. A book I read (where the author always tells what the main character is cooking, meaning what he adds, etc.) talked about adding "cottage cheese to pancakes." Then the person eating them could tell. "Did you use ...

Answered: What is your best pancake mix?

My best pancake is blueberry very very nice
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How do you cook pancakes?

Get a box of pancake mix and follow the instructions. Also, buy some maple syrup or cane syrup and have a ball.

What do you prefer to put on your pancakes? I like various toppings but

I'm too serious about my pancakes because when I eat sweet stuff I don't fool around and I do it properly - heavy duty chocolate or some toppings that contain it.

Good old fashioned pancakes mom cook old fashioned ...

Here's mine- 1C flour 1C whole wheat flour 1/4-1/2 C pecan meal 1 tsp baking soda Dash of salt 1 tbsp more or less of non virgin olive oil. or corn oil. or whatever. 1-2 eggs Milk- enuf to get to the correct thinness. Mix the dry stuff. Mix the wet stuff with a bit of milk. Stir together ...