What do you bring or give at a Half Saree Ceremony?

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Answered: What is one half of 19.25 inches

Look at the question again OronD. 19.25 not 9.25

Answered: What is the correct way to wear a traditional saree?


Answered: I used the site buy sarees at sareeuniverse.com and was quite happy

Hi, you can use designersareesalwar.com site. this site really latest big collection of sarees and salwar kameez.

Answered: Double Trouble ceremony writing

You might find this site useful as it goes into detail about what to do at a double wedding. Click here . I hope that helps, enjoy, it is a very special event to be part of.

Answered: Buy saree online at best bargain / best discount

placed my order with www.sareeuniverse.com... :)
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