what do we sacrifice by consuming in the current period?

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Answered: At what point did the Israelite practice of animal sacrifice end?

DeaconKW said, "I never tied the cessation of sacrifices to Christianity." I never said you did. :|

Answered: Email status "currently unavailable" WHY??

Hi Mary: You may temporarily be unable to list your e-mail because of upgrades or maintenance on the AOL mail system. During these normally brief periods of time you will not be able to see your online e-mail. Wait a little while and try again. However you may want to refresh your browser. For ...

Answered: where is my period and how late is it??

the pill messes with your cycle, its possible to miss your period once or 2ce after taking it plus it could change the dates on when your period will start and stop, go by the pill....if you still dont get your next period {pill time} take a test.

Answered: Hi im 18 my last two periods came early and lasted ...

Make an appointment with your doctor and check on everything. I'm not saying anything is wrong. But you need to check.

Answered: I have been on the depo shot for a year and i dont have a period how long

discover all about Depo in section CONTRACEPTION: http://www.menstrual-cycle.info http://menstrual-cycle-health.blogspot.com/

Answered: Irregular periods

It could be Metrorrhegia in which such things happen means irregular but frequent periods. This happens due too woman's hormonal change means estrogen and progesterone hormones can disturb her montly cycle. But no need to worry as it can be treated by HT (Hormonal Therapy) in which you need to be ...
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I skiped a period. but my mom said it was ok ...

Like the dude below said... Don't feel self conscious because of that reason! Talk to your mom about it and see if you should see a doctor. I know that when I got my period the first year of it was painful and embracing, but I made it that way! I was the really geeky nerd girl, but I am sure the ...

I havent gotten my period yet, but my docter said ...

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When is my next period due i got my period on the 29th jan and am still

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Okay, so i got my period three weeks ago and it ...

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