What do twin heartbeats on a fetal doppler sound like?

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Answered: Speakers

To the contrary! When the Speaker of the House has something to say, people listen. So with the Speaker of the Senate! These people are far more powerful than our disenfranchised president.

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There is a volume control that could be turned down or muted. Or your speakers could be turned off or unplugged. There is also an AOL setting under Multimedia that can turn off AOL sounds.

Answered: Fetal Doppler

There are many website sell it. I bought one from BestMedicalDirect

Answered: How is it that 1 in 160 births is identical twins ...

How can there be such an astronomical gap? Well.............the universe is a HUGE place.
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Yes, the infant's heart cannot maintain that heart rate for too long. The heart will become exhausted and will decompensate and the baby may die. The baby may be in distress of any number of causes. Have the problem evaluated.

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Angelsound fetal doppler

I got the place where sells fetal doppler well. Maybe you can consult them. http://www.bestmedicaldirect.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=fetal+doppler