What do the stars below the photograph in US Visa mean?

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Answered: Dubai Visa Online

As per my knowledge minimum of 4 days required to get your visa, but usually people prefer to apply well before time (1 months before journey). I personally got my Dubai visa within 5 day after I apply for it at http://in.musafir.com, you can check with this one also.

Answered: Do we need to fill forms to get Singapore Visa?

Yes, you need to fill form to apply for a Visa. Singapore Visa requirements include your return ticket, passport copy, visa application form, photographs and your bank statement.

Answered: In the Bible: What is a Jewish star

The Jewish star is "Magen David" in Hebrew . It is the compound of 2 triangles .It represents the 12 tribes of Israel. The first triangle represents the tribe of Judah and the second the tribe of Benjamin. The Magen David star is also on the Israeli flag . http://www.a-zara.com/

Answered: What does to inibate mean to a person?

I think he meant intubate, but if he can't spell it I ain't telling him what it means.

Answered: Meaning of word assential

A hug is consequential If it's not consensual. The singular essential Is a word assentual.
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