what do the Koch brothers own?

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Answered: Koch vs. Obama: Whose Side Are You On?

Koch brothers are in the greedy rich 1% that want more tax cuts and expect the poor & middle class to suffer to pay for it. Obama is for the middle class and lower class & is good for most of us. Bush caused big deficit & recession & Obama got us out of Bush's big recession.

Answered: Conservative Koch brothers telling people mimimum ...

WOW! It's 6 am est time and the leftist Muslim Atheist poster is now posting his childish cartoons. Does anyone understand why the loser is making fun of his own aliases? This lonely loser needs help and a life.

Answered: Koch is an on going problem! See the Koch brothers ...

Why do you extremists always except what ever radical or radical group backs the republicans but complain about anyone who backs the democrats. If it wouldn't effect hard working Americans I would love to see you government dependent far right extremists get their wish and let the Koch brother who ...

Answered: Chicagoans thank the Koch brothers for all that ...

Typical leftist hatemonger. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: How much money have the Koch brothers contributed to John kasich to help

Considerably less than Big Unions have "donated" to try to defeat right to work. The unions see it, rightly, as a threat to "closed shop" policy.

Answered: GOP Senate candidates have quite the Koch habit! http://www

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is posting under another alias whose name goes to the Facebook profile page of the man he claims is dead. Who does he think he's fooling. The voices he hears in his head must make him believe that they are real people. A sane person wouldn't continue to do this.
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Says the puppet zombie lol

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