what do the government do to intervene and move the economy out of a recession?

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Answered: How government intervenes to control price?

Government intervenes to control prices n to keep economy healthy. This is helpful: http://www.researchomatic.com/government-interventions-in-price-control-153807.html

Answered: The Coming Of The Obama Recession Of 2011-2012?

I'm waiting for the day I can take my 'Voucher' from Disability & spend it at the Store as that will be the Reality we will be looking at. But hey we'll have a great Health Care system that won't cost us much. I wonder if they will feed the 'Malnourished' at the Wonderful Hospitals they have set up ...

Answered: When will the economy rebound?

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Answered: Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and America ...

Are you as thankful as the democrats that Rocmike and his kind are republicans? You can not feel sorry for the republican party. They are the ones who invited these low IQ far right extremist birther teabaggers into their party. It worked at first but the more the American people have seen of ...

Answered: Recession

Past recessions and recoveries were mainly dependent on American consumption patterns, because of the sheer wealth of the country. Its 300 million or so citizens decided the economic fate of the world thanks to relatively large disposable incomes. However, with the emergence of BRIC (Brazil, Russia ...

Answered: U.S. Economy Predictions

At this point in the economic cycle, it's all about jobs. After a two-decade debt binge, U.S. consumers have basically reached the exhaustion point. And since more than two-thirds of U.S. GDP revolves around consumers making purchases, it'll be nearly impossible to grow the economy out of this ...
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