what do the dare stones say?

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Answered: Yi got mail 'emywyman@earthlink.net, say

Sorry to hear that. Maybe things will improve soon.

Answered: What movie, song or person used to say

I think you may be referring to Jimmy Durante, whose signature song was Inka Dinka Doo.

Answered: Truth or dare

These can be good Truth Ideas for just 2 girls: ~ Have you ever played spin the bottle for higher stakes than a kiss? ~ If I was a food what would I be and how would you eat me?!?! ~ How far would you go with someone you are attracted to, that you just met, and will never see again? ~ Rate five ...

Answered: What does this saying mean?

Well the will not mix but instead form an emulsion-----no molecular change or chemical. After a time they simply separate from one another

Answered: How do you ignore someone saying "I dare you"?

On the other hand, you could look them in the eye and say something like, "You stupid, MF! Are you still sleeping with your neighbor's goat?" Do you enjoy being manipulated? Is there a reason that you like to give others the power to make you do stupid, dangerous stuff? Do you have good insurance ...

Answered: Dare wallpaper

hi I have a Dare and I get mine from phonezoo.com it is free, easy and has alot of neat stuff..hope you like it,, :)
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