what do sigmund freud, alfred adler, carl jung, and william james have in common?

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Answered: Which of Freud's ideas is the most disputed these days?

Penis envy is the most ridiculous. The belief that little girls want to sleep with their daddy and are jealous of their mothers - ridiculous too. Repressed memories may be disputed but I would have to agree with old Freud on this one. Sorry, Herb, but I have had repressed memories as a result of ...

Answered: Is the Middle Child Syndrome a reality?

They are making a documentary on this subject in the UK.

Answered: Freud's strange student

Modern science is beneficial to mankind today more than ever in the human experience. But modern science delving into the human mind, and a student of Freud getting thoughts of controlling the weather by sex or whatever means his mind conceived, is an example of science going awry. Freud and his ...

Answered: Counselor needed in Bakersfield, CA

Hi Diana. You might try searching your insurance company's website to find one that is covered. Good luck!

Answered: Function of superego

The superego is the part in Freud's structural theory that develops last. It generally develops after one has solved ones oedipus complex, and has internalized his father figure and cultural standards. It floats both below and above consciousness. It's function is the part which holds the norms ...
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Nope. One must always remember to distinguish the artist from his art.