what do NFL players say they wear under their football uniform pants?

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Answered: I really want to wear harem pants but im not sure ...

Peg-Leg Trousers for Spring Summer 2009 - Dorothy Perkins Dare to wear this season's biggest trouser trends, the harem pant and the peg-leg trouser? Follow some basic fashion tips to learn how to work these looks to the full. If you don’t have a pair of harem or peg-legged pants ...

Answered: Death of an NFL/USFL player

You are so right. http://www.irontontribune.com/news/2008/dec/22/coy-bacon-dies-66/

Answered: NFL Suspensions for Dangerous Hits

I have not seen 1 suspension yet so I don't know about that policy. I know they are fining the players for helmet to helmet hits, or for leading with the helmet. I think the refs need to watch everyone, and not just James Harrison. It's a bit biased I would say!

Answered: Your opinion about the 2011 NFL Draft?

The Winners Cleveland - Julio Jones. Detroit - Nick Fairley fell into their lap. Their franchise will be built around Fairley The Losers Reggie Bush ? He's been holding out for more money and New Orleans drafting up to take Mark Ingrham at #28 means Bush will have to settle for less or find a new ...

Answered: Will the NFL have a 2011 season?

Now they have to talk there is to much money at stake.. so YES.. Sweet G
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Why are these black NFL players hurting themselves & others.

The majority of Black football players are from rural areas, not the inner cities. Stillapanter2 you are either a stupid right wing zealot, a uneducated retard, a mentally unstable person or all 3. 70% of every population of each country has some type of mental defects or psychiatric disorders ...

How can I find out about a former NFL Player? eric Shelton

You can find detaied info about playeres on a social media for football .

Do you think that referees today overstate their importance to the game

Replay procedure is absolutely crazy and an insult to the NFL. It is more like kindergarten. Fans see results on TV 10 minutes before the NFL.