what do I do now that I'm a widow?

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Answered: I am a widower receiving a survivor's pension.Would I lose this pension

Yes,if you get married in the states,the benefits will be withdrawned.

Answered: When can i collect my deceased husbands ssi he would have been 70 and i

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Answered: Dating a widower

I am looking for a serious friendship first, dont play games with me. I hope you can understand. I just wanted to give you a few things to think about me, who have nothing to hide, hide nothing!! The one you want is not necessarily the one you should love. The one you should love is the ...

Answered: Widow of veteran, ALS benefit?

Maybe there is. ALS was determined to be service connected. http://www.alsa.org/news/archive/va-provides-benefits.html Some benefits are available even if the veteran with ALS has passed away, such as dependency and indemnity compensation, which is a monthly payment to eligible survivors. http ...

Answered: Lost for 7 years.....

Getting over some body you knew and cared about ain't easy. Losing friends and family is always gonna be rough. That is why bikers wear black. That saves us the hassle of puttig on black arm bands grieving lost people we love. You lose some body you love, but there is always some body else. You ...

Answered: Widow meeting people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Where to start?

I might be interested in being friends with you and see what the future has inhold for us.
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Linda Hank Cavanaugh Widow on the Hill

Yes, definately. She wanted the Cavannagh's entire estate and she used her looks and her ingenuine concern for the whole family to get what she wanted. Donna Sumerville should be ashamed of herself and if she has any decency at all about her she will settle the estate with the two daughters. BTW I ...

How can a grieving widow get back into the dating scene at age of 60?

If you're ready to date again (dating is a horrible thing, I prefer just living together) you must get out and meet people. I suggest, in all seriousness, you visit your local senior citizens center and meet people your own age and see what happens. And, at our age, it's pretty much permissable for ...

Who was in the movie years ago black widow?

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Why sue senior widow with social security and no assets to sell?

Social security (2 months worth) is protected in a bank if directly deposited, except for back taxes or child support. But it's not protected if you move it to another account, or if it's not direct deposit.