what do I do now that I'm a widow?

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Answered: Widow syndrome?

Tadpole screamed hate at me five posts now, and against fifteen decent guys, always calling every decent guy The Rock. She thinks we're supposed to buy her illegal drugs in her Muslim pre-teen whore house, just to make her easy money, but leftists are all that way -- they cant improve and that is ...

Answered: I am a widower receiving a survivor's pension.Would I lose this pension

Yes,if you get married in the states,the benefits will be withdrawned.

Answered: Dating a widower

I am looking for a serious friendship first, dont play games with me. I hope you can understand. I just wanted to give you a few things to think about me, who have nothing to hide, hide nothing!! The one you want is not necessarily the one you should love. The one you should love is the ...

Answered: Lost for 7 years.....

Getting over some body you knew and cared about ain't easy. Losing friends and family is always gonna be rough. That is why bikers wear black. That saves us the hassle of puttig on black arm bands grieving lost people we love. You lose some body you love, but there is always some body else. You ...

Answered: Widow meeting people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Where to start?

I might be interested in being friends with you and see what the future has inhold for us.

Answered: Are baby Black Widows poisonous

All black widow spiders are poisonous but it the amount of poison they carry is rarely enough to kill a human. This amount does increase with maturity so the baby spiders do contain less venom than the mature femal spiders.
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Usually, if he is old enough and it is to his advantage. (It should be, if he had made significantly less contributions to the fund than she) For more info,click here

How long does one have to be married to a military ...

Though nothing can be done about his life insurance, as it was up to him to change that and he may not have chosen to do that. I think, though, that once she's legally married, she's a military spouse. Have her contact pass & ID and also the base JAG office (Legal Aid)

Is there any organization which takes care of the widows and the

Contact Saint Vincent de Paul Society , Catholic Social Services , Deseret Industries , Salvation Army, and Goodwill Industries , to get meaningful help. They have the resources and the dedicated volunteer staff to turn peoples' lives to the good. They have been doing it for centuries.

Dead of a 'Broken Heart'?

I believe in true love and this could definitely be the case with what happened to Brittany Murphy's husband. It is a very sad story.