what do i do if i have no money to bury a family member?

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Answered: Unique health plan for a family members?

There are multiple insurance providers in the market offering health insurance plans. Insurance coverage for 3 members in a family depends upon the policy you take. Presently my wife and I have taken up a MyShield health insurance plan from DBS bank, which provides free coverage for our child under ...

Answered: I posted bail for a family member. Now that I have ...

You can't do this unilaterally. The Court that received the bond has to approve this move. You need to appeal for this and the court has to agree for this to happen.

Answered: Is is acceptable for family member to sing at funeral?

yes they can. If any song which is the most favourite of the man who is gone away. Or kind of sympathy song.

Answered: How do you sign over a paper stock certificate to family member

Its not like a car title you sign over. You have to have the ownership of record changed by the corporation that issued the stock and they will issue a new stock certificate in the name of the person you so direct. You will have to provide them proper signature and should talk to the company or ...

Answered: Who will the state bury free? A frend died without money or insurance

Check with your city, county, and/or state to see if they have an indigent burial program. Generally if someone has no money, insurance, assets, or family, they will be buried at the expense of the taxpayer. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's death and of your worries over the financial end of ...
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