What do I do for a cut inside the jaw?

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Answered: Cutting the stones (opal)

Opals aren't cut, they're ground and polished. But yes, if there is someone in your area that cuts, grinds and polished gemstones, you can certainly pay them to prepare the opals. If there's a good rock shop in your area, ask them to recommend someone. Or they may provide that service themselves.

Answered: Late adolescent jaw growth

JayR - Thank you for your answer and your kind words. My daughter's orthodontist brought the issue to my attention yesterday and I've been "flipping out". I feel much better today. She looks fine, but the nice result we saw when she got her braces off last year is shifting as her bottom teeth ...

Answered: Cutting wristcan it be healthy

if you HAVE to cut, and I do understand cutting, cut in a place with lots of meat. The wrists are a very bad idea.

Answered: Cutting machines to invest or wise?

If you are trying to invest in this machine then it is good to invest in it. It is better to invest in this machine rather than others... You can trust on the needham-laser machines UK i also trust on it....

Answered: Where to buy hair cutting scissors in ventura ca

I don't know, but if you call just about any beauty salon there they should be able to tell you where the beauty supply shop is in town. I'd bet Oxnard has a few as well.

Answered: How can you close a cats jaw when it get stuck open

I wouldn't risk trying to fix this by yourself. Take your cat to the vet and let the experts do it. It's better to be safe than sorry, especially with your pet.
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