what do ethiopian's believe about Jesus?

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Answered: Who all believes in Jesus Christ?

There is absolutely no rational question that Jesus walked the earth, and sacrificed Himself for our sins. The proof is his resurrection and 2,000 years of miracles since. Atheists, Muslims, and terrorists, are duly afraid of Jesus: He disproved every one of their lies. Jesus crushed and then ...

Answered: Islam: True or False

Dear Readers. On the information I post I'm not saying it's true or not true, I just post what I find, I'm not telling you to read what I post, I'm not telling you to believe or not to believe what I post, you have a free will of your own. I am not responsibility of how you feel, or what you ...

Answered: In the book of john chapter 5:24 what jesus said to those who believe

The question cannot be answered by randomly picking a passage from the Bible. Nevertheless, what we have here is another promise postdated to the kind of death Christ was going to suffer with multiplying effects, viz.: verifiably Spirit-active, perfect and diacritical! (John 19: 30-37)

Answered: How to believe in jesus

Religious people are batshit crazy.

Answered: Can a person be a Christian if they do not read ...

In order to be a true follower and abhorrent of a religion one must be literate and knowledgeable of the rules, histories, and teaching of said religion. If said religion is based on a scriptural text. Then followers of that religion MUST be scripturally literate. In order to be a follower of that ...

Answered: Can any believer in Christ Jesus baptize another believer?

Since Baptism, like everything in the rituals of Christianity is a spiritual occurance, the answer is yes, and if there is no water, you can use saliva. The medium you use does not matter and who performs it does not matter(as long as the belief in the spiritual aspect of baptism is intact in both ...
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The ABC of Jesus Christ

There is so much truth about "the narrow gate" and "the hard way" that leads to eternal life, which "few people" find as irrevocably expressed by Jesus Christ. Be among the few! Don't settle for easy Christian faith. (Matt. 7: 13-14)

What did ethiopians think of jesus

Here are two web sites that answer your question. http://www.imperialethiopia.org/religions.htm http://www.gotquestions.org/Coptic-Christianity.html

How do you determine what is your purpose in life?

Man these posters like ... moonbeam's Profile.....with only questions and no answers or comments really annoy me!.....But I'll put my 2 cents in any way.... Some years ago, I was turned on to a book called : Wisdom of the Mystic Masters, by Joseph J. Weed....it explains a lot of the human elements ...

I do not know who the good guy and who is bad.Who do you believe?

How can both lie when one is dead and the other is aliar and alive. Could you please tell me that?