what do children call their grandmothers in Ireland?

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Answered: Looking for my grandmother who came to the US from ...

Greetings Patty: As she would be well over 100 years of age, I assume you are looking for lineage and not your Grandmother as your question reads? Ellis Island would most likely be the port. I have attached a website link for you and hopefully you will be successful in your search. Best of luck ...

Answered: Ireland

In a word Hospitality (people) Brian (Dublin Visitors - http://www.dublin1.webs.com)

Answered: Cultural Landmarks in Ireland?

Trinity College,Dublin Clonmacnoise Abbey in the midlands Glendalough - County Wicklow - see http://www.holidaywcklow.com

Answered: Does anyone know if Yetta is a jewish term for grandmother?

No, it is not the Jewish term for grandmother (the term is Bo'be [in Yeiddish] and Sav'ta [in Hebrew]). There is a word "Yentte" which is a general name for an old Jewish woman that is doing a lot of gossips..... People might say: "Don't be a Yentte !" ( = don't be an old gossip woman).

Answered: “A B C's of Ireland" A Book that Irish kids reach ...

Thank you for the info. Yes, i went to the bridgets of erin first. They will not even allow ann email unless you are a store. The wholesaler will soon have lists of stores that sell it. In the meantime i bought used books @ amazon.Com and sent an email to 7 bookstores hoping they can get it for ...

Answered: American Gift for family in Ireland

Get them a set of DVDs of classic American musicals. Go to this link .
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