what did tony say to ziva in hebrew in part 2 of shiva?

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1/19/2014 I have a Tony Alamo Atlanta jacket size XL.

Answered: How would you say

"Like" has 2 meaning: 1. You look like it (or not). 2. You like the play or not. I believe you asked for the 2nd: In Hebrew it is: " O'hev et ze o lo " The other one is: " Do'me le ze o lo ". I hope I am clear.

Answered: Where to sit shiva?

First, I am sorry to hear about your mother in law. My parents were in a nursing home, and we sat there. Another possibility is sitting at one of your friend's home. Talk to your rabbi and see what he/she recommends.

Answered: Hebrew customs

..... and no capital letters either......

Answered: Hebrew

He loves is literally: hoo ohev, but God is not He in Hebrew. He has many names, some of them are too holy to be pronounced like Yahwe, the right spelling of Jehova. Anyhow, these two names are not said in Hebrew. Another name is Elohim (namely God) and for religious people it is also too holy to ...
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