what did The Night Stalker die off?

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Answered: Dear AOL: Regarding your improvements

Isn't the schizo the stalker too. He posts under anonymous and is an idiot. When someone posts so many questions about one person every day wouldn't that make him the stalker? It seems that the one you refer to as the stalker only posts on the schizo questions. If I were AOL I would ban the schizo ...

Answered: Hey Tadpole/Lester/Stalker loser

The OP's pecker probably needs a restraining order against his hands. Now go kill yourself forthwith.

Answered: How funny is this

Lester, how stupid are you? You are on here 24 hours a day.Do you think everyone is stupid enough not to know that all you are doing is waiting for any anonymous to post then reply with your gay sick disgusting porn? You have the need to post because that is all you have in your life

Answered: Please AOL stop the Stalker from posting his porn

Nine idiotic, juvenile, poorly written replies in a row from the guy who claims he doesn't post here much or stalk people. Gee, you certainly convinced me. Now hurry up and go crap in ThomASS's mouth and post the pictures. Sick MF!!!

Answered: Hey Rocmike Stalker!!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::::::: What makes Tadpole think she isn't absolutely obvious with her leftist games? Don't we have enough idiots in mental hospitals already? Maybe Tadpole should return. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::

Answered: Lester is

Yep. Definitely struck a nerve. Thomas Johnson definitely is a Lester alias.
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Online Stalkers?

The only power over them you have is not responding to any of their threats. If you suspect someone is stalking you report him immediately to the authorities.

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There are plenty of producers, all over the world !, no problem to find them. Be careful with chinese producers, some of them are cheap but low quality, some others are a bit more expensive but much higher quality.

Can "CYBER STALKERS" and " CYBER BULLIES" be Procecuted even if they POST

:::::::::::::yawn::::::::::::: Typical leftist banality.............