what did the jamestown colony have to do to survive?

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Answered: Where did the colonial word Venturi

During olden day, a short piece of narrow tube between wider sections for measuring flow rate or exerting suction is Venturi.

Answered: What are the 13 colonies

Hi Lauren, The 13 colonies are (in geographical order, from north to south). New Hampshire, Massachusetts & main, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York & Vermont, New Jersy, Pennsylvania, Dalaware, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky & West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia. Best ...

Answered: Surviving


Answered: Whatever happened to the settlers of the Lost Colony?

Blame the Spanish Armada. It’s true that barring the invention of the time machine, we’ll likely never know definitively what happened to the 115 English colonists left behind at Roanoke, site of the first attempt to establish a permanent English settlement in the colony of Virginia. But there are ...

Answered: Are there any Survival Groups in South Jersey?

I don't know.I will give you the great ones I know of on-line. surviveinplace.com This guy Dave Morres realy knows his stuff.He will show you things that you wouldn't think of. thereadystore.com I get most of my survival needs here.

Answered: How many people came to jamestown in 1607

The ship's registry of passengers was lost with the ship. However, there are 94 original signatories on the charter. Not counting children, there would have been 188 people aboard the ship. There are records in conflict. No one is certain anymore.
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