what did the extinct bardino majero look like?

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Answered: What did dinosaur poop look like?

gigantic and stinky. you can find some fossilized but no one wants to tell you they found it

Answered: Are Maple Trees Going Extinct?

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Answered: What does atenolol look like

Atenolol is available with a prescription under the brand name Tenormin. Other brand or generic forms may also be available. Ask your pharmacist any questions you have about this medication, especially if it is new to you. It is in tablets format Tenormin 25 mg , 100 mg, 50 mg look like round, flat ...

Answered: Ashton freemont idaho looking for recordes on henery tellman farringtion

I found a death record for a Henry Farrington (not Henery Farringtion) who died in Ashton ID in 1974 at age 67. I found a cemetery listing for Pineview Cemetery which gives Henry T. Farrington date of birth as August 19, 1906 and date of death July 16, 1974, and service in the US Army. I found a ...

Answered: Effect on georgia swamp habitat from alligator extinction

If there was no other species or animal to become extinct because of the decline or decimation of the alligator, I'd say go ahead and obliterate the reptiles. Just grow them on farms or private land to hunt later. I enjoy hunting them. After I kill one, I like to get an iron crowbar and pry or ...
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There were quite a few species of dwarf elephants, many of them lived on Mediterranean Islands but there were others in Asia and probably in America as well. Some of the lived until quite recently. On one of the islands of Greece there was a dwarf elephant until about 4000 years ago. The reasons for ...

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