what did the congress of vienna ensure peace in europe?

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Answered: The ultimate blessing: peace of conscience and ...

The Leftist Muslim Atheist poster put in over 4 hours and 42 posts under his newest alias Chivairous W.--------------------He has put in over 8 more hours under his aliases Serenity, Anne S., Stealth and American V. This doesn't count his Snicker anonymous and anonymous posts. Everyone is sick and ...

Answered: The causes of peace.

Mike Dykes aka Rocmike is an amazing man. He's dead yet he's still posting. He has posted under Renner and Harley Spirit. Both of these names go to his Facebook profile page. He is the first dead person that I have seen post. He also posted under Nameless, Who, anonymous and Snicker anonymous. You ...

Answered: Which are the opening hours for shops in Vienna in period 10-14/04

I checked additional web sites for you, but I didn't find anything about the hours that shops will be open. Because April 10th is Good Friday, followed by Easter, and then Easter Monday on the 13th, I suggest you do the following: 1. If you booked your trip with a travel agent called her/him and ...

Answered: One day in Vienna

Vienna has a little bit of something for everyone so decide the kind of stuff you want to see and go see it and ignore the rest. With only 24 hours that is about the best you can do. If you are looking for a great guide book, I recommmend the DK Publishing Guidebook If you are looking for a ...

Answered: Congress

The Democrats did their abject worst to shut down Congress in the name of their 150-year racist stupid streak, shut down the Federal Government to persecute the disabled, veterans, and single moms who need USDA food subsidies, and other such ineffective treachery. Democrats are your bitterest and ...

Answered: Vienna wants to do Playboy

I agree with domino on this one. I'm not really surprised.
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How come this question hasn't been answered?

Congress of vienna

the goals were to create a balance of power that would prevent war, to re-establish national boundaries and to forestall revolutions within some countries