what did siskel of siskel & ebert die from did he smoke or chew ?

what did siskel of siskel & ebert die from did he smoke or chew ?

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Answered: The one-minute danger of smoking and chewing tobacco!

Smoking is still dangerous! I can think of the chucklehead that walked into a friend's spray booth -- and lit a cigarette -- which for some obscure reason sent the place over the fence and started a fire that cost them over half a million dollars. Folks, if that isn't unhealthy (around the guy who ...

Answered: Siskel and ebert

one of them died I believe it was Siskel. Ebert still apears on ABC Good Morning America on weekends. I Believe I've seen him on saturday mornings. It could be the other way round!!!

Answered: My puppy do some destructive chewing, will neutering him helps to avoid

Puppies like human babies cut teeth. Chewing is natural and as a result their owner may lose shoes etc. One way to alleviate chewing on "no-no's" is to keep rawhides or pig ears on hand. If leaving pup home alone try keeping puppy in kitchen or bathroom where there is little to chew on. As a ...

Answered: Did you see Roger Ebert's tweet?

Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive.? 1.96 twice the limit.Roger Ebert is an old bitter man.
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