what did sigmoid foreded say about the irish?

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Answered: Irish pronunciation for welcome

Fáilte: Fall-te (as in te in teddy). Romhat: Like the English word "Wrote". Isteach: Ish-tock. Note: The phrase literally means "welcome you in" in the singular. Fáilte Romhaibh Isteach is the plural. Romhaibh: Row - ieve (like the ieve in sieve)

Answered: Sigmoid color removal effects

When the sigmoid digestive tract has a polyp which is cancerous, a sigmoid digestive tract resection is needed. Cancer of the colon can be anywhere in the large intestinal. This includes the ascending colon, the descending colon or the sigmoid colon. Colon cancer of the sigmoid Colon occurs out of ...

Answered: How do you say the days of the week in irish?

Hi, hope this helps... Monday -Luan; Tuesday - An Máirt or Dé Máirt; Wednesday - An Chéadaoin; Thursday - Déardaoin; Friday - Aoine; Saturday - Satharn or Dé Sathairn; Sunday - Domhnach Best wishes...

Answered: Irish newborn

Ok, Thanks for your help....gek13

Answered: What diet is best for having no sigmoid colon

Thank you I will look into that low residue diet.
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