what did si robertson do in the army?

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Answered: Kimo Robertson

What about ?

Answered: Army

I'm not sure what the GCSES is so I'm not sure. Sorry!

Answered: Where do you put physical patch on pt uniform army?

I am not quite sure what you are asking. If you mean where does his patches he receives go on the uniform. He should be able to find out at the Post exchange. Or ask a buddy.

Answered: What does us army mean.

Uncle Sam Aint Released Me Yet or Yes My Retarded Ass Signed Up

Answered: What does undesirable discharge from the army mean

Basically, there are three levels of discharge for military service: 1) Honorable, 2) Undesirable, and 3) Dishonorable. Most military personnel get an "Honorable" discharge. One would have to do something quite horrendous to get a "Dishonorable" discharge. Such a discharge makes gaining future ...
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What does it mean to be part of the army's quick response team

You are possibly referring to units such as Army Rangers and Airborne. These are generally on standby to be sent to crisis situations at very short notice

Does Target not allow salvation army to solicite at their stores

Unfortunately, it is a corporate policy installed in 2004. The Grocery chain that I work for, Giant Food, did the same after our company was purchased by a foreign conglomerate. It's a shame because the Salvation Army has helped me and friends & family in years past, and I hold it in very high ...

DO SOLDIER'S in th US ARMY have any rites??

...there may be further actions if the offender holds a military operators license. If he or she is in a Motor Transport type unit and/or holds a Motor Transport MOS, (3531 in the USMC), the punishment can lead to revocation of that license plus a change in MOS; in the USMC that can mean a transfer ...

Why is the army getting rid of the black beret?

Many find that it is not practical. The beret is made of wool, and requires more care to keep it presentable. Even at that, no one can agree on exactly how one should wear it. Since it is made of wool, it is uncomfortable in warm weather. Since it has no bill, it provides no shade for the eyes when ...