what did president Wilson's wife make sure was on the white house lawn?

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Answered: The Obama Presidency

jerome is still the dumbest person on AOL

Answered: The Clinton Presidency

The entire blame for 9-11-2001 attacks falls directly on Clinton for his sheer racist stupidity that he learned from the Arkansas Klan. Acting contrary to repeated warnings from Boeing Security, Clinton authorized Mohammed Atta and his fellow terrorists to train with Boeing how to fly the 757 ad ...

Answered: President's Children

Bill gates or warren buffet

Answered: Life After the White House

I wish him the best of everything and he has proven to the American people along with all of Europe the difference between a Gentleman with Chutzpha and a Klutz with only a glittering empty suit or head or yepper both tis I say tis both. I look forward to the day when his book comes out and having ...

Answered: Who Knows that President Bush is Responsible for the White House

Hi Joe, Please refer to the last paragraph in the report "The get-together was Obama's idea, and Bush liked it. The lunch lasted about 90 minutes, held in a small dining room off the Oval Office. " Be Blessed

Answered: Can Obama Consider a Singing Career?

It is well said that one's talents dictate their career. We should all have been much better off that Obama had elected to be a vocalist than a politician, considering the job he did in politics. Perhaps he missed his calling to be an entertainer. I very gladly support his decision to become a ...
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That virtually never happens: HIV is such a menace that persons who don't already have it hold persons who do in utter disdain. Persons who commit at-risk behavior deserve the slow and horrifying death that their misconduct sentenced them to suffer -- death sentence without appeal and automatic ...

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HA! HA! ..."Black House"! What a refreshing break from the political monotony! Hillery Clintons "Headquarters" were set on fire in Indiana a few weeks ago too. What's left is a Black House! No one was hurt there either.

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Concerned, It seems you are concerned about a mole hill. All that you are griping about is normal for the president and has been done for a looonnnggg time. Why should it be different now? Most countries, including this one, take care of their leaders via common wealth. I don't think that's going ...