What did Joseph, Moses, David and Jesus have in common?

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Answered: Picture of crossing to Jesus

Even non-busy ones in rural Kansas will appear the same. After all, He was fully human. Come to think of it, His eyesight was no doubt perfect, so He will see the crossing sharper and more clearly than some old farts with astigmatism, early cataracts, and bad myopia.

Answered: What desserts were common during Jesus childhood?

At that time very few people ate anything sweet. Only the very wealthy people could afford to have desserts. Most people just made do with fruit or dates. Sometimes they would have honeyed cookies.

Answered: Petrinitis

Background "Petrinitis" (a new word) signifies a syndrome defined by Simon Peter’s self-reliant and impulsive thoughts on Christ’s death on the cross in direct opposition to God. Although the problem is very common today, it is generally unacknowledged and, therefore, extremely difficult to ...

Answered: When a spouse has medical problems, is it common for the other spouse to

Arlene D. Asked: When a spouse has medical problems, is it common for the other spouse to become mean and even violent? ................................................................................................... If that problem is psychiatric, including tendencies to endure leftist ...
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Is Herman Cain Like Moses?

he's nuthing more then a over acheiving pizza flipper.

Knowledge of Jesus Christ

Well, we gain knowledge of Jesus Christ by hearing the word of God. The Bible says that " faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." We need good, Godly preachers who Love the Lord and don't place riches or any worldly thing above the message of the mercy, forgiveness and Grace ...

The ABC of Jesus Christ

There is so much truth about "the narrow gate" and "the hard way" that leads to eternal life, which "few people" find as irrevocably expressed by Jesus Christ. Be among the few! Don't settle for easy Christian faith. (Matt. 7: 13-14)

What was Moses Hebrew name?

In hebrew it is: "Moshe". The verb "lim'shot" means "to pull out of the water"...... He received this name because the daughter of Par'o pulled him out of the water and saved his life.