what did Jim Lange like to do? who are the natural children of Jim Lange?

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Answered: Is there a specific form of therapy or ...

therapies are like opinions,some good [reassuring]and some not so good .assess the situation ,identify the source of the problem and get the best known remedy for the problem.It seems to me that one should avoid those who say that "there must have been a reason" for the disaster ,implying that it is ...

Answered: Why aren't there parental warnings on violent ...

Just as an aside, I was a practicing psychologist for many years. Some of my opinions have changed over the years, as is natural. Being a parent is a difficult job. Thankfully, both of my daughters are realizing that with their own children, which they're raising quite nicely.

Answered: Parental care for children with sleeping disorder

Parents should help their children with sleep disorders . You can help your children by: Sleep schedule Sleep hygiene Milk before bed time Proper medication Consult a sleep expert Herbal medicines These will help your children to maintain a good biological cycle rhythm responsible for ...

Answered: Gm commercial "i was made for you/"

The artist is Brandi Carlile and the title of the song is "The Story" You can download the song from almost any of the sites that sell mp3 files.
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Do you think Jim Tressel will be coaching in the NFL?

It's possible that if he does coach again in college the school that hires him will be under scrutiny. Tressel could be penalized so hard by the NCAA that whatever school hires him will also be penalized. He's a great coach, but because of the scandals he will be forever watched if he rejoins the ...

Why is chalk in the box with Jim Beam?

It might be a marketing ploy.

Natural cures for childrens asthma

While you are brewing coffee the steem and vapors that come off it can calm weezeing . Steam from a bath can also help with it but in some cases the moisture makes it worse . All three of my kids suffer from asthma and the main thing to remember is to follow the doctors advice and have the flu shots ...

I'm looking for dating Jim Mckinley.

I thought his name was Jim. But you could be right. Maybe it is a woman looking to date Jim. either way - wrong forum for that.