what did governer rommy do for his stsate when he was elected governer?

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Answered: Government wants to win

That is why Obatso lost.

Answered: Are political party's considered business's?

Does the leftist Muslim Atheist poster believe the names that he posts under are real people?

Answered: Total Public Debt Outstanding 05/16/2014 TRILLION 17,473,133,162,652.10

First we side lined Obatso, then we REPUBLICANS figured out what to do to save the nation despite the disloyal Dems. Republicans saved the nation despite the foolish Dems and we put them on the side line cause they are that stupid. Remember that next time you vote.

Answered: Do you know who owns the political party before you vote for a candidate

Can anyone tell these 2 leftist Muslim Atheist posters apart from one another?
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