what did governer rommy do for his stsate when he was elected governer?

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Answered: Government wants to win

That is why Obatso lost.

Answered: Motion to remove motion to dismiss 1;14-cv-00295-bah

Democrats, besides being a bunch of criminal cross burners and voter clubbers, are all bribe taking crooks. No wonder only tombstones ever vote democrat. Maybe that's why it was so easy to sideline that incompetent Kenyan sot Obama ...

Answered: I am looking for information on the California State Assembly Election

Henry Waxman was elected to Assembly seat AD-61 in the 1968 election, served 3 terms, then in 1974 was elected to the House of Representatives and has been there ever since. He wasn't in the 1958 election. The 1958 AD-56 election saw Seth Johnson beat Philip Schlessinger, repeating the 1956 result ...
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vickie- your chances of getting a helpful, serious answer to this question will increase if you add some detail. What office was this person elected to? And describe the level if it is not clear from the name of the office itself. Please describe this behavior, not with adjectives, but by saying ...

US Elections.

Why would bankers worry about Obama or his bungling? They have seen the idiots those leftist loons run against the American people -- because of the fact that all leftists are absolutely anti-American in every way. Our bankers proved that Obama has no say in how we do things. That is good news ...

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Do I live in Israel? Is there some reason I should care?

If Republicans are so 'patriotic' why do they intend to gerrymander

Gerrymandering is by definition a Democrat party practice. We made it illegal and now you Democrats are going to prison for gerrymandering. Derek Wilson (sentenced to life in prison for gerrymandering in Omaha, Nebraska which caused the death of four persons) has recently been paroled -- at 76 ...