what did farmer john show his chicken when she wouldn't lay any eggs?

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Answered: Need chickens to lay eggs.

Your hens need a Rooster

Answered: How many eggs can a chicken lay?

A chicken can lay one egg per day, but lays one hour later each day and only lays during day light. So, it works out that a hen gets one day off per month!

Answered: Ihave 3 hens who have all the correct layers ...

She is low in calcium, buy a bag of oyster shell.

Answered: Chicken Eggs

NO there are several shades of eggs. white, brown, beige, green, blue, pink

Answered: Can chicken eggs have worms in them?

I've read that chickens can have worms, but I haven't found anything that says eggs can have worms.

Answered: Candling chicken eggs

A shoe box with a hole for a lamp, and a small hole for the egg in a dark room will work.
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I would like to know what would cause chickens to loose sight in one eye

Ramon, I don't know what age they are and/or how many roosters or cockerels you have, but as they get older they often fight and peck each others eyes. Need to get rid of excess roosters if that is the case, or separate them from each other.

Was it safe to eat the 3 month old eggs?

Because you are not sick now, you are and will be fine. If you freeze eggs, they may not burst because of the air pocket that exists in the shell will allow for expansion of the water when it freezes. When I am wondering about eating old eggs, I will- Smell them after it is cracked. Look at it ...

Are chicken fleas smaller than dog fleas

Yes, a bit smaller than dog fleas. More importantly, they are more difficult to deal with because they bury their head into the chicken (dog or human too) and don't come off nearly as easily (though they don't seem as evasive as dog fleas). I'm researeching now due to my chickens and turkeys have ...

Twin chickens?

Eggs that we eat are unfertilized eggs, I don't think that the yolk is what would have been fertilized and then become a chick, but who knows, I could be wrong.