what did cleopatra ride on?

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Answered: Horseback Riding Classes?

When my Son was young I always sent him to Summer Camp, I made sure that one of the activities always included Riding. My Dad had belonged to the Saddle Club and had a few Beauties, that was many years back. It's never to late. Sweet G About how much do lessons cost? - Yahoo! Answers Mar 6 ...

Answered: Powered Ride for Toddlers?

No. Christmas at our home when we were kids was sparse in the gift department, we could not afford, things, but the fun that we had and the laughter we shared, was priceless.

Answered: The Revolution Begins

I have seen the lonely loser post under Lenore, Snicker anonymous, anonymous, The Little Tramp and Stealth. ---------------------------==Leftist Muslim Atheist poster, you still haven't told us why most of your aliases go to your Facebook profile page when you claim that you're dead. The others all ...

Answered: What are some riding toys and pedal toys that are best to prepare a

SEO+WEB, please quit giving answers just to get your tagline links visible. This question is about riding toys for toddlers, not motorcycles for adults. If you cannot answer questions with appropriate answers, then don't bother to answer any at all. If you want to advertise, please go elsewhere.

Answered: Is it scary to ride one?

I don't know what you are asking about riding. You might be asking about riding a motorcycle, or riding an elephant, or a thrill ride. Riding a motorcycle is more scary than riding a car, because you are less protected, and you feel the wind. But after a while you get used to it. I suppose ...

Answered: Riding

only speaking from my experience it usually is the person riding that is at fault. There are signs that your horse is giving such as ears laid back, repeated tail swishing,fighting the bit etc. There are times when the horse may have a health issue even a loose shoe can cause your horse to act ...
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Horseback riding places to ride?

That depends on where you are. Here we have a book called Horsing around in Wisconsin that lists all the trails. Other states may have something similar in the local interest section of their bookstores and/or libraries. There are also various local riding organizations. Check Google

Trail riding near dallas?

Hi , I know of two . Marshall Creek Ranch 817-490-8796 marshallcreekranch@sbcglobal.net Widowmakers Trail Rides 214-478-2448 Don't let the name scare you ! Happy Trails !

I am looking for a photo of a winter carriage ride near the park at

Waterside, See this link: http://www.horschgallery.com/addtocart2.aspx?catId=%c5%93N&pdctid=%cb%9cN%1e Anna Sparky's Mom

Can I ride a 50cc scooter on A Roads?

Yes, you can ride it on roads but you have to keep to the left of the road close to the white line when cars pass you. The law states that you cant go no faster the 30mph on the road which i think is dumb.