what did brandi say about adrienne on housewives of beverly hills?

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Answered: Who Would Threaten Taylor Armstrong?

NOT ME! Read my lips.. Do I look like a deranged idiot? (leave her alone a-hole).

Answered: How real are the fights on beverly hill housewives?

I'm gonna say this one more time .. Anything that has a written script is not reality.. It's reality TV.. NOT reality. If the producer/director says to fight then you fight.. sleep, then you sleep.. act like a blithering idiot.. sometimes NOT an act. To do otherwise is jeopardizing their paycheck ...

Answered: Restaurant on melrose blvd in beverly hills, ca

No, it is not any of these restaurants. It may actually be in west hollywood, on melrose. It starts with a "c". Something like cociena or something italian. It is not far from the bodi bookstore and a in a light beige building.

Answered: Where can i get the pearl and cross necklace that Adrienne wore on

Hello Check out Halo Couture www.myhalocouture.com, we have great selection of cross necklaces, hopefully you will find the one you are looking for:)

Answered: Hilary Swank in Beverly Hills 90210

According to the Internet Movie Database, Hilary Swank played in 16 episodes of the series Beverly Hills 90210 between 1997-1998. Her character's name was Carly Reynolds. You can see the names of the episodes here .

Answered: Brandy

If this is your first time here, look around at some of the questions. There was absolutely nothing wrong with yours. It was staright forward and quite comprehensible. Some posts do not even ask a question. If you click on the hyperlink in my second post, you will be taken directly to that website ...
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How old is kim richards of housewives of beverly hills

She is 46 years old was born September 19, 1964.

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