what did Brandi grandville say about adrienne maloof?

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Answered: Brandy

If this is your first time here, look around at some of the questions. There was absolutely nothing wrong with yours. It was staright forward and quite comprehensible. Some posts do not even ask a question. If you click on the hyperlink in my second post, you will be taken directly to that website ...

Answered: Opened Brandy?

Only certain wines can be stored for a long time and at the proper temperature. From my own experience, brandy [cognac], whiskey, etc. can be store for a very long time- at least 10 years. However, they don`t improve.

Answered: What is adrienne maloof's ethnicity?

she and her husband are both Lebanese-Americans.

Answered: Purchase coffee brandy?

Try to visit The Purple Turtle Coffee Company.

Answered: Brandy Reveals On Dancing With The Stars

Because she likes women??????
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