what did Bashir say about sarah palin?

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Answered: What do you think of the ethics complaints against Sarah Palin?

YES!!! Sarah Palin SHOULD be Mitt Romney's sidekick in the next election! It would ensure a huge victory for President Obama!!! Palin is a glory seeker who loves to see her name in lights. She spends more time putting on her makeup every morning than she does considering National issues. A vote ...

Answered: Seen any interesting Sarah Palin emails?

Anyone curious enough to research Palin will find all the dirt they need to throw and the damaging E-mails were already addressed last time around. I did not know her from beans spent 2 weeks researching her liked nothing I saw. I did this when she ran with McCain. Just go to the Alaskan news ...

Answered: Msnbc.com/anchors Sarah Palin

Politics Beck’s Matthews-Mocked Conspiracy Confirmed: Video of US Communists, Socialists & Labor Unions Working With Muslim Brotherhood-Associated Groups Posted on February 4, 2011

Answered: Sarah Palin's Influence

Unlike the Democrats, we sound thinking and honest Republicans still have plenty of energy. What a pity that the latest Rasmussen Polls put Democrats so far behind that they might as well not be on the ballot. Of course, that won't stop criminals from stuffing the ballot boxes with the names of ...

Answered: Should Sarah Palin run for President?

Yes, yes, yes! I've never laughed so hard before in my life! I would love to see her interview with Katie Couric again.
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Rove: Palin Lacks "Gravitas"

Patriot Action Network "ONE MAN WITH COURAGE IS A MAJORITY" Thomas Jefferson Darla Dawald, National Director Check out the discussion 'Feds Issue Train Alert Based on bin Laden Lair Info' More Osama / Obama Drama! Sorry, couldn't help myself! DD Discussion posted by Darla Dawald ...

What happened to Sarah Palin's bus tour?

Sarah Palin was the victim of leftist persecution. Leftists have always been absolutely hateful old bigots therefore all leftists say the same old crap, over and over, to prove that only leftists are worthless old fools. Leftists follow Hitler and Obama, and then play games. What could be more ...

Is Sarah Palin part Greek ?

shortcake915 the foul mouth one is hope faith change& also The origial Symplifie the one with 200 answers

Who was on the view that interviewed sarah palin this week

Top 16 Possible Letterman Reactions to Fallout Over Willow Palin Rape 'Joke' 16. Listen, I didn't know Willow Palin was 14. She was born in 1995. I thought she was still 13. 15. Why's everyone so mad? I wasn't making fun of Barack...? 14. I understand some offense was taken over my ...