What did Balboa call the pacific ocean?

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Answered: Distance from Willits, CA to the Ocean?

California’s coastal is fall into Pacific Ocean, the nearest point where you can go from Willits, CA to is Caspar, CA and the distance between them is 38 miles / 60 km. Like this Sea Ranch is 92 miles / 149 km far away from the Willits.

Answered: Where is all that contaminated water going?

The contained water is being deluted by the ocean

Answered: Why did Mountain Men roam the vast region between Mississippi River and

My grandfather was a mountain man from the time he left the Army in 1945 until the day he died in 1998. He had a cabin outside Helena, Montana, and we could not remove him from it even as he suffered a stroke. He said he would rather die where he was happy than live where he was miserable. We ...

Answered: History

The first European to see the Pacific was the Spanish explorer Balboa, on 25 September 1513. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasco_N%C3%BA%C3%B1ez_de_Balboa The name "Pacific" means peaceful and comes from the fact the European explorer, Magellan, found its winds and climate more gentle that those of ...

Answered: Vacation rentals where you are actually in the pacific ocean. The floors

I don't know if the floors are made of glass but here are some links to some underwater hotels. Some are in the construction stage whild others can be rented now. http://www.zimbio.com/Jules+Undersea+Lodge/articles/18/Amazing+UNDERWATER+Hotel+DESIGN http://www.jul.com/ http://www.poseidonresorts ...
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Six largest oceans

Atlantic, Pacific, Southern, Arctic, Antarctic, Indian


The oceans were formed like everything else, that is they were created by the Word of God, the Spirit; God did create the oceans and they were all made like everything else for God s pleasure;, the temp varies for hundreds of reasons, the depth, the location in regards to the Sun, etc...so many ...

What do the japanese call the pacific ocean?

Japanese used to vaguely call the Pacific Ocean as Tokai, whose meaning is East Sea, since it is located to the east of Japan, but it is no longer in use. Instead, Tokai indicates the Pacific coastal region. The name of Tokai is considered the abbreviated form of Tokaido, an ancient province of ...

Do I need a passport to travel to the pacific islands on a cruise ship

The Pacific Islands are not a part of Australia. If you are leaving Australia, then yes, you need a passport!