what did 2001 president of Turkmenistan ban?

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Answered: Turkmenistan to Iran

I didn't find any recent information on the Internet. However, on this web site for the US Government (http://turkmenistan.usembassy.gov/information_for_travelers.html_) I did find the following information: There is one government-owned and regulated taxi company, operating in Ashgabat, which ...

Answered: Why was the clydesdale bowing heads at ground zero commercial banned?

The commercial called "Respect" was not banned, but withdrawn from use after being broadcast on SuperBowl 36. Anheuser-Busch produced the ad as a tribute, and felt that running it repeatedly would make it look like they were trying to capitalize on the tragedy.

Answered: Is President Obama brain-dead or just stoned?

Consider that the Senate gave Obama the bum's rush on his latest attempt to escalate the war in Syria. The House did the same thing a few days later. Obama's drinking has gotten the better of him since 2009 and his drug abuse put him out of the "red button crew" three times -- because of his abuse ...

Answered: What state was President George Bush in on 9/11/2001?

President George W. Bush was in an elementary school in Sarasota FL when he was informed of the attacks on 9/11/2001. He was flown first to an Air Force base in Louisiana, then to a base in Nebraska, then returned to the White House that evening.

Answered: Joan rivers

Three people were reportedly banned by Joan Rivers before she died: Michelle Obama was one. Pop singer Adele and former talk show host Chelsea Handler.

Answered: Would you buy a product that was banned?

Just read up on the product, see why it was banned?
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