What denomination is Les Feldick?

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Answered: How much is a Gibson les paul custom worth?

Get an independent appraisal. Second opinion will confirm.

Answered: Need a Non-denominational church

I can't help you, but congratulations :-) You might want to consult a city guide or even the yellow pages. But I would just stroll around the place, and look for the church that seems like a good place to you, and then ask if they can do the ceremony.

Answered: Guitarist Les Paul

Les Paul invented the "Solid Body" electric guitar. His first experiment involved a piano wire being strung to a railroad rail using a phono graph cartridge as the pick up (transducer.) The result was infinite sustain of the note through controlled feed back loop and increased resonance from the ...

Answered: Why did les feldick quit teaching thru the bible?

Because he taught the whole bible thru, more than once. Has it all on web site, you can listen and enjoy forever. God bless Les&Iris

Answered: Les kubas' paintings

Yes, I know of one for sale.. 13 fish houses. also of others... ? if for sale. ckj20@charter.net.

Answered: Cheap les pauls

Well you might have problems finding a cheap Les Paul but you can find some great Les Paul Copies out there. I bought one because I can't afford a real Les Paul but I am really happy with it. You can get them at www.electricguitarcity.com
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BEst Les Paul and Mary Ford album

Fabulous Les Paul & Mary Ford is a great CD, especially East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon). I think it would be good first buy.