what day does the mass department of revenue issue tax refund checks?

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Answered: Where is my tax refund check

Where's your tax return?

Answered: How long does it take to get rapid refund?

Have you asked the person who prepared it? I would think thats the best way to find out....if you paid for rapid refund and it doesn't appear you have gotten it...see whats going on.

Answered: Refund

You are in the wrong place, Evelyn. This is AOhelL. We have nothing to do with this. Or much of anything else. I wish you luck in recovering your money.

Answered: When is my stimulus check is coming?

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Answered: Taxes 2009 for SSI Disabled

because ssi did not pay into the system

Answered: 2012 irs tax refund date changed to february 7 ...

Thats funny ... mine was accepted 1/24/2012 by 11AM .. wheres your refund on irs site has changed my direct deposit date from 2/14/2012 to 2/8/2012 I am confused like you I think.. So does that mean I will get a hold also? My bank said the funds are available for use immediately? hmm.....
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How To Report A Tax Cheat?

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How much of my tax refund can the department of education take

They can take all of your federal and state refunds up to the balance due on the loan. To protect your spouse's refund you must file a injured spouse form with your return.