what day does july 14, 2014 fall on?

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Answered: Is It 20 July 2014

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster changed posting names. Can anyone tell the difference from these aliases and the ones that he posted under yesterday or the day before that or the day before that? When you find one alias you find several.

Answered: Sunrise on July 4, 2014

It depends on how far north you are, and also how far west you are within your time zone. Saratoga Springs and Syracuse and Rochester are at approximately the same latitude, but the sun rises earlier in Saratoga Springs. For New York City, sunrise on July 4, 2014 is 5:30 EDT. Saratoga Springs, 5 ...

Answered: Where to buy fifa 14 ultimate team cheap coins

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Answered: 20 July 1969, is our proudest day.

Indeed it is so. This day marks the time we stepped above our planetary cradle and became a spacefaring nation -- a step closer to divinity itself, yet we did it humbly as we should. The Apollo craftsays it best: "Here men from planet earth came in July 1968. We came in peace." That sums up ...

Answered: What a revival/June14,2014

Leave it to leftists to add a note of racist hate monger depravity to any situation. That is why leftists don't matter.

Answered: What guess stars are appearing in Atlantic this weekend 2/15,16,2014

Bubba, if you leave the goats on the back of the truck then you are welcome. Can't have them messing up the place.
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I agree with PGroot. Beware of responding to that—about giving them ANY info about yourself of paying them any money to do anything for you.

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