what day does Dec. 21 2012 fall on?

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Answered: Ave21

Ave 21 Marketplace is a Great Place to Shop and Sell your items online. I bought some beautiful handmade jewelry for Christmas presents that are so unique and beautifully crafted.

Answered: If the end really is coming soon, what steps can ...

The end already came: you just didn't realize it. I warned you people about the devasting effect of December 21, 2012! And it happened! I warned you that: Mothers in law would nag the kids endlessly; fathers in law will grind their molars and put up with it; teenagers will be infuriating know-it ...

Answered: What day of the week is it ?

And ruin his week-end?

Answered: Do you have plans for December 21st?

Yes stay home off the roads and safe..
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Entertainment for children Dec. 2012

Lexington, Kentucky, also known as the Horse Capital of the World, is rich in history, natural beauty and entertaining activities for children. Whether visiting popular city tourist sites or spending time at the local library, kids will have a hard time being bored in this city. For more ...

Dec. 21, 2012

Well lets see, there are hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, mud slides, volcanoes, tsunamis, tidal waves, typhoons, diseases of all types. Go ahead, pick whatever you like.

What do you suppose the newspaper headlines will say on December 21

12-21-2012, Most on the planet will not be Conscious that day, the sky will be falling Chicken Little will get his front Page. Called the playing of the "EVE-NT" in our FUTURE it is when Satan fired the fatal shot (only takes One) to kill a Child but kills a whole Galaxy to boot. This Galaxy is ...

Cuban day parade

It doesn't matter what your nationality is, AOL does its best to make you look stupid. Like importing questions from a wide variety of site. I'm having to rethink the percentage of idiots here. I appreciate your response.