what date in january 2013 will i get my veterans disability check?

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Answered: Because of Obama, there is a genuine threat that ...

Oh, tell me about it, Trampo! Of all the anti-American balderdash I have ever seen, that from Democrats has to be the worst ever. We managed to get disabled Veterans paid despite Obama and his few sickly tombstone followers, but the overall result is that people are up in arms against the ...

Answered: Interlachen country club is there going to be veteran day golf if so can

I would put that question in a note and drop it on the shelf next to the exlax and see if they get back to you. You might as well be writing to Santa Clause on AOL if you expect an answer like that.

Answered: LBJ signed 1964 draft orders.

Dems shut down Gov't. Tried to persecute Vets. Failed: dems always do. Pity leftist bigots & their burned crosses.

Answered: VA Education Guarantees and Subsidy.

Indeed so. Obama's "party" has always been utterly disloyal -- never more militantly than their latest round of betrayals against disabled and recently discharged veterans. That is how leftists always side with other leftists -- by sheer oppression of decent persons who do as they should ...

Answered: Tax Relief legislation for families of disabled veterans: Public Act

Property tax and vehicle tax exemption may not apply to you as so many tax exemptions have been unlawfully closed by the Obama Administration. This is fully consistent with Obama's utter contempt against all Veterans and active duty service persons. But: Few Democrats and NO Republicans still ...

Answered: 1199/disability: can i have my disability check direct deposit into my

elaine, Yes you can have your disability check direct deposited into your checking account. In fact, the U.S. Government prefers it that way. Just call Social Security and give them your bank routing number and your checking account number. Anna Sparky's Mom
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