What date did superstorm sandy hit the New Jersey New York area?

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Answered: Why is New York State refusing to pay the toll for the Trucking Companies

Are the trucking companies charging the state New York to haul the debris out? I bet they are.

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Its all what you make of it. Just ask some simple questions, and let the other person do the talking. You don't have to say anything either, just smile and see how they reacts. Its more fun that a great way to find the next love of your life. Drinking also helps to relax, lol.

Answered: Jersey Haters

Camden,nj isnot as bad as other people paint it to be. I live here for over60 years and I love it. Nothing had ever happen to me nor my family. I love Camden and I have no desire to move out. But if you come here to buy drugs then you are in trouble.
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