what course does a sperm cell follow on it's way to the exterior body of the male?

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Answered: I have had a semen analysis report as followed ...

The patient with chronic bacterial prostatitis and oligospermia has been cured within 4 months. Name: Mr. Feng Gender: Male Age: 30 Diagnosis: chronic bacterial prostatitis, oligospermia Medical history: Mr. Feng has been married for 3 years; however, without taking contraception, his wife ...

Answered: What does it mean when someone cell # says they are currently using a two

It means that this person is using his phone and the phone is not able to receive messages.

Answered: Can sperm still go in the vagina with underwear in between

Well let's think about it this way how big are sperm? Microscopic right? How small do you think the holes in your underwear are? Chances are the sperm are much smaller and could travel right through quite easily... so not as likely as having sex and trying to get pregnant but it's a possibility ...

Answered: What do you mean by pus cell and give its normal value.

Pus cells may show an infection. I am not sure what the normal value is - consult your doctor. Good luck! Rachel Inbar www.FertilityStories.com

Answered: Hi, My name is Cheryl I am 32 years old, I have 2 ...

Go see your dr. You'll have to have his sperm removed from him and placed into your egg.

Answered: According to the WHO normally sperm morphology is 30% - why is it normal

Normal is a value based on average. When you consider that every ejaculation usually has literally millions of sperm cells, 30% is still a lot.
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