what country makes seiki hdtv?

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Answered: In what country is Trikit located in?

There's a city in Iraq named Tikrit, is that what you wanted to know about?

Answered: I bought a digital lifestyles 32 inch hdtv and ...

Vizio is better. (My personal opinion)

Answered: I currently have an HDTV in the living room ...

Yes unless you put a spliter after the box then run a new cable from the living room to the bedroom, but the you would have to go out to the living room to change chanels

Answered: Dvr connections hdtv dvr vcr

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but I'm guessing you'd like to know the best way to connect your DVR to your HDTV? It's probably best to connect with the HDMI connectors (if you have them), as they will give you the best quality picture. This guide to home theater connections should ...

Answered: When all tv signals are digital, if you have a new hdtv, will you still

HD was NOT mandated by the Gov't; DIGITAL broadcast was. This was done to increase analog signal availability for things such as police radio, etc. All broadcasts will be digital but not all digital broadcasts are High-Def. So yes, you still will have to pay if you want HD.
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