What countries have an anarchy government?

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Answered: Is there anything about this country republicans ...

Greatbore is so anti American that by his own definition he is in fact a Republican. How ironic.

Answered: Countries

Any nation that suffers the presence of violent left wing paramilitary criminals has the death penalty -- unless it is a leftist nation, which means that criminals staged a hostile takeover and deserve to be executed. So much for leftists ...

Answered: Government wants to win

That is why Obatso lost.

Answered: American Government

Leftists, Atheists, Muslims, racists, Obatso, drunkard, bigot, criminals, cross burners, EBT cards KKK, Hitler, Tadpole, Hilary, tombstone, liberal, cross burners, Black Panthers. child molesters. I wonder who posted those answers? LOL Will someone respond to this lonely soul? It has to be tough ...
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What a sad day for republicans! Government ...

One of the many good reasons that Obamacare failed was that it set up a huge and extremely costly beaurocracy. It was by far the longest and most cumbersome bill ever to exist, and was fraught with loopholes for huge corporate medicine to deliberately abuse. One may properly assess the Democrats ...

What's a 'Free Country'?

I found the answer! A free country is one that has both Civil Liberties and Political Rights. Two thirds of the world's countires are free. Thank you all for your input! Jan

Google sons of anarchy

Sometime in September, no exact date yet.

Conservative Think Tank Ranks Countries With Government-Run Health Care

Pete must be smoking inner tubes like tadpole and greatbear.