What countries do not deport u.S. Citizens back to the u.S.?

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Answered: What to do if a US citizen dies in Frieburg, Germany

I don't know what other option you have other than shipping the body back home. Unless you bury the deceased in Germany.

Answered: If i am a canadian citizen, can i get a visa for china from a country

Hi, Yes sure. You can apply for a visa at any Chineese embassy around the world (and have to wait until you are granted a Visa [normally it's a matter of few days, and in urgent cases it can be done within hours]). Best regards,

Answered: Nafta a person deported from the united states who is a british citizen

That would be up to the Canadian Officials. I suggest contacting the Canadian Embassy here in the states.

Answered: What countries provide free health care and free education for their

Ireland gets free education, I know that from meeting these irish imigrants on their vacations. free health insurance perhaps Canada? England too.

Answered: Can a US citizen enter the US using a passport issued by a foreign

That's an interesting question. I don't think you could do it in most cases. If you held dual citizenship, you might be able to, providing you have a visa. In one case, Canada to U S A, no visa is necessary, so you might be able to if you held dual Canadian/U S A citizenship, and you were a ...

Answered: Have a person deported

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