what countries are the biggest spenders in the world on welfare?

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Answered: In what country is Trikit located in?

There's a city in Iraq named Tikrit, is that what you wanted to know about?

Answered: How to find out if ur husband is married in a third world country

Short of asking him and expecting a truthful answer, I don't know that you can. I suppose you could always look into hiring a private investigator or security firm to look into his background, but I think that would be rather costly. If your gut feeling is telling you there's something wrong, it ...

Answered: What's a 'Free Country'?

I found the answer! A free country is one that has both Civil Liberties and Political Rights. Two thirds of the world's countires are free. Thank you all for your input! Jan

Answered: I need to know who to contact at the welfare dept ...

Is there an existing court Order for Support? If so, your husband will probably need to take action to modify that current Order. In so doing, the Child Support Services department (welfare) must generally be notified of the request to modify. Addresses of the parties can often be found on a copy ...
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Welfare Drug Testing Bill: For or Against?

I'm not a fan of tactics that takes certain freedoms away but in this case, it wouldn't be any difference than being hired on a job and they must take this test. Too many actually use this welfare/food stamp program for drugs.. It would at least deter them from doing it at certain times as it won't ...

How much has been spent on welfare programs by the United States

The current budget for Us welfare and unemployment is 367 billion$ how much is really been spent in projects I guess will never know.

Which country in the world is most uneducated and what is being done in

I suppose it depends on what your definition of "Education" is. Not all education needs to be in a formal setting.

Delmarva life----wboc.Com how do you get on the demarva life program

I do not think the show delmarvalife tells the true story about living in kent county.We live in an area that we cannot come and go when we want to and feel like we live in a third world country.The bad things in kent country are swept under the rug.Give me an adress that i can sent you some ...